Caregiver Relief

Caregiver relief is a program that Dove Homecare offers for anyone who is caring for a loved one and needs a break to get some things done without having to worry about their loved one being left alone.  Once we have a consultation with you and you choose to go with Dove Homecare, as long as we have 24 hours notice, we will have someone to come be with your loved one.  It is 3 hours minimum and can entail anything from meal prep to being a companion for your loved one.


Dove House and Homecare also has a Day program for your loved ones.  The Day program is where loved ones are dropped off at Dove House located in Cathedral area.  For the day, they will participate in the programs that are being run that day at Dove House along with meals.  


Another program that Dove House and Homecare offer as part of the caregiver relief, is respite care.   Respite care can be provided at Dove House as long as there are beds open.  There is a 2 month minimum for respite care so it is the perfect fit for the people that go south for summer and are looking for care for their loved ones.