Promoting the care in caregiving

Dove House offers 24-hour seniors nursing care in all health settings by providing one-on-one care. We are committed to foster and safeguard the dignity of human life, as required through the use of nursing.

Dove House commenced business in 1998 to address the unmet personal care needs of our Saskatchewan population. From 1998 to our current year, Dove continues to provide excellent personalized seniors care in the heart of the cathedral area. We work to ensure that the community receives the quality of services everyone deserves, and the option to seek help without judgement or fear.

This website will have information about what Dove House offers and if you take a peek at our blog, it will have tips on a variety of things as well as numerous updates about Dove Homecare and Dove House.

We understand that determining the best in heath care services for your loved ones is a very important decision.  There are always questions that you need answered and we are here for you. 

Arrange for a video tour by calling (306) 535-5458 anytime, or click here to email us.

Our Heath Care Service professionals are here to assist you and your family.