Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dove House ?

Dove House is a nursing home licensed and operated by Shannon Chapple., RN. Dove House is committed to safeguard the dignity of human life, provide assistance as required with the intent to optimize health and independence.  At Dove Homecare, we come to share your journey, faith, hardship, happiness and love while providing our companionship and understanding.


What is the Quality (vs. Quantity) of private healthcare?

Dove’s healthcare services personnel are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable. The homecare team includes a registered nurse(s), a gerontologist, exercise therapist (kinesiologist), a LPN hopeful and multiple nurse aides. At Dove we provide long-term quality of care (from levels 1 to 4) by rehabilitating our clients and developing a close one-on-one care relationship.


Is Dove House PCH available to seniors?

Many seniors do seek help at home but for those who need 24 hour full care assistance, we are available to provide healthy independent, empowering services at the carehome to anyone who needs assistance. We understand the importance of living independently while improving functional limitations to those with mobility issues. Our sucess stories include post-hip rehabilitations, (help coordinating with homecare as well), post bone fracture recovery, post type I insulin rehabilitation/ full assistance with proper nutrition.


You are on the waiting list for a government placement but your loved one needs immediate help. Can we help you until the government placement becomes open?

We currently accept clients with or without government placements and do not have a wait list.  Once our free consultation is complete and you decide to go ahead with Dove House services, we can set you up for respite, day program, or a full admission into the PCH as soon as the next day.

Our services are designed and developed for all who seek care. We understand that seeking help is difficult and while waiting on the government we would like to provide a care plan tailored for your current and future needs. If anything changes post-assessment, we require 24 hour notice, all deposits are non-refundable. 


Will I feel comfortable receiving care from Dove Home Nurse-Aids?

We understand and respect the dignity and privacy in healthcare. It is of high importance that we establish rapport while matching the skills and personalities of our nurses to clients. All of our staff have worked in our care home and are screened after months of training, these staff members must qualify to work with Dove House and Healthcare services. When they meet the standards of care, only then are they able to provide care to your loved ones.


I need care for my family, and I wish to have a qualified person. Can someone with a low income still apply?

Dove Healthcare strives to maintain equality through all of its services, the care home offers a subsity program with the PCHB. Anyone who seeks medical aid is helped. All our care aids; nurses and gerontologists are well equipped to provide excellent services. Everyone will receive the best, equal care possible with or without the PCHB.  Dove House offers competitive rates for all its services. For an estimate, please call 306-525-0045 (306-596-6995) to set up a free consultation.


Can I have the same homecare worker?

Yes, our strengths lie within the continuity of care, and the quality of care maintained through one-on one relationships.  Once we have your homecare plan determined, we will match a caregiver to your needs who will stay with you for your journey.


Can care and services be provided to those living outside the Regina community?

We are equipped and ready to service to people in rural communities. We can also implement care-aids for homecare while your loved one makes the transition into the Dove House Care Community. 



Does Dove House offer end of life care?

Yes.  End of life and compassionate care is our main focus and we take great pride in being there for you at that stage of life.  We will maintain the best care possible for all seniors assessed within levels 1 to 4.