When And Why You Should Choose An Assisted Living Facility

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Choosing a facility for yourself is a big decision.  There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what place is right to be called your new home.  You may feel uneasy and not wanting to go to an assisted facility but if you are having trouble getting around your house, more difficulty with everyday activities like getting dressed, showered and eating, then it might be time to explore your options.  Moving into an assisted living facility does not mean you are giving up your freedom, it means that you are just getting daily support to help maintain your current quality of life.  While looking at assisted care facilities, there are other names that they go by: residential care, board and care, congregate care, adult care home, adult group home, alternative care facility, and sheltered housing.


Signs that your parent or loved one may need to move into an assisted living facility:

  • The fridge is either empty of food or there is spoiled food.  Your parent or loved one is also losing weight.  These might be signs that grocery shopping or meal preparing has gotten to be too much of an effort and they might benefit from a homecare service coming in to assist with meal prep and shopping.
  • You notice frequent bruises.  Your parent may try to cover them up or say they are not a big deal.  The bruises might be a sign of consistent falling or mobility issues.
  • Your parent wears the same clothes over and over again or have hygiene issues.  This can indicate that doing their laundry or bathing is challenging.  
  • The house and yard isn't as tidy as it once was.  
  • Your parent may forget doctor's appointments or medication.  This could be an implication of memory loss.
  • Your parent seems to be depressed.  They could be feeling this way because they feel isolated and alone.  Depression is very common in seniors.
  • You notice strange or inappropriate behaviour.  They may dress inappropriately for the weather or act inappropriately in public.  This could be a sign of confusion.

Once you have made the decision to move into an assisted care facility, there are some questions you have to ask yourself to make sure you are choosing the right facility.  Keep in mind that there are homecare services available if you need support and are able to stay at home.

1). Do you need more help than your friends and family are able to provide? 

2). Do you feel isolated and alone at home?  Living in assisted facilities, you receive the social aspect and have structured programs.

3). Do you worry for your safety? If getting out of bed or moving around your house worries you due to mobility issues, receiving homecare or moving into an assisted living facility may be the best option.

4). Are you tired of maintaining a home? 

5). Is transportation becoming an issue?  Most assisted living facilities do provide group transportation.


Again, not all these signs indicate that you should be moving into an assisted living facility.  If you feel comfortable in your own home, homecare could be an option.  If you are leaning towards homecare as an option, investigate homecare services as you would an assisted living facility.