Is It Time To Fall-Proof Your Home?

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Is it time to fall-proof your home?  As people get older, they start facing challenges that they may not have had a few years or a decade ago.  There could now be arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart condition, that may affect all your mobility.  If you are starting to think that you may be unsteady or having mobility issues, it may be time to start fall proofing your home.

Falls are quite common and can be serious. Falls can result in major injuries that cost time and money to fix or they can result in minor injuries where you still need to be off of your feet for awhile.  Either way, a fall can be scary and can cause fear of falling later on.  Being off your feet for any length of time or being afraid to fall can result in softer joints due to inactivity or other health issues.

Make your stairs safer.

If you have stairs in your home and you do not find it feasible to move, get a professional to come out to check your stairs.  Make sure they are in good shape and no loose boards.  Also ensure that the railing is solid and look at investing in another railing on the wall for added security.  If you are really unsure about stairs, look at getting a mobile seat to help you up and down the stairs.

Ensure your bathroom is safe.

Not only do falls happen quite often on stairs, but another culprit for falls is your bathroom.  Make sure your tub side is not too high for you to climb over to get into but maybe get a tub chair to have as well.  Get a tub railing to help you pull yourself up and out.  Invest in a really good anti slip mat to have ready when you are wanting to get out of your shower or bath.  

Look into getting a medic alert system.

In some cases, some people do get the medic alert system to have on them in case they do fall.  Most of these systems are water proof and will alert a call center plus your local emergency department to your fall. 

Take precautions outside.

If you are walking around outside a lot in the winter time, look at getting grips for your shoes and a good pair of ski pants.  The grips on your shoes will help you get better traction on your shoes while the ski pants will help cushion your fall if you do fall.  If you have steps up to your front door, get a railing to help you up the stairs and over the threshold.  Make sure salt is put down frequently when you notice it is icy out or your walkways are cleared whether you get a professional snow remover or a neighbourhood kid who is always looking to earn some pocket money to do it.  


Hopefully these tips will help you reduce the number of falls in your home.