How To Choose The Right Assisted Living Facility

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How To Choose The Right Assisted Living Facility For You


There are a huge amount of variety when it comes to choosing an assisted living facility.  Choosing a facility can be intimidating and scary but provided you do research and know what you are wanting in an assisted facility, it will make the task so much easier.  If you are comfortable in staying in your own home, investigate homecare services in your area as you would an assisted living facility.


Once you have decided to start your search, make it known to yourself and to others what you are wanting in a facility as well as what you are willing to compromise on.  This way, others will know what you are wanting in case you can not view a facility or if others are helping you look.  When it comes down to it, you will want to have the staff viewed higher on your list rather than amentities because it is the staff that makes the place welcoming and warm.


Ask about the staffing patterns at the facility.  To feel confident that you will be well taken care of, do not be afraid to ask questions about staffing levels, workload, duties, are there registered nurses on site, is there assistance at meal times if needed, how do the staffing patterns at night differ from the day.  

Visit a facility during different times of the day.  Meal times, social activity times, and ask residents and staff for their feedback on the facility.

What to look for in the staff?

  • Do they have time to talk to you or do they appear to be rushed?
  • Do they appear genuinely interested in talking to you?
  • Do they interact warmly with other residents? Or do they appear to be stressed or overwhelmed?
  • How do they handle emergencies?

What to look for in the residents?

  • Do they appear happy?
  • Do they enjoy interacting with each other?
  • Do they seem to be people you'd enjoy getting to know?
  • Are there hobbies or groups on site that are interesting to you?

What to look for in the facility?

  • Do the different areas seem to be clean and fresh?
  • How often is housekeeping provided for your room?
  • Does the facility seem safe and secure? Are the bathrooms easily accessible and have grab bars? How do the residents contact staff in emergency?
  • How is the food? Sample a meal and ask about menu options.


At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with the decision of the facility you choose. Hopefully these tips and questions help make the transition easier for you and your family.